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Springers with White Dog- April 12, 2014

A very nice Columbia River Spring Chinook being held by a lady with a deep blue sky.

On this weeks show I’ll be sharing on a very difficult subject. Many of you know my past as the owner of an incredible four legged fishing partner named Stasi. Stasi was a German Shepard that new one thing and that was fishing. A few years ago Stasi passed and as many of you know a good dog is hard to replace. Last year my wife and kids decided they were in the dog market again, but what we’d end up with has been a thorn in my ego ever since his first high pitched bark. I’ll get into my story with this white, curly haired, 15 pound dog on this week’s show and of course LOTS of Springer fishing!

Seg 1- White Dog

Seg 2- Stocking schedules and Larch Mountain Cleanup

Seg 3- Tom Burgess talking Spring Chinook

Seg 4- The Week Ahead, Ya it’s Springer fishing

Information on the Larch Mountain Shoot and Cleanup can be found here.

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