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Spring Deluge! Fishing Report March 29, 2014

A willamette river spring chinook

So right when we think we’ve got the Spring Chinook cornered and everything seems to be going our way- mother nature decides to throw us a curve ball. The heavy rains are going to bring some pain in the form of lost days on the water, but there is always a silver lining. A lost week of fishing should mean good fishing down the road and an extension on the Columbia River. Bill Monroe from the Oregonian will be buy to talk about the Spring Chinook situation and provide us with the fishing report from this past week. Additionally we’ll also get into a tidbit about some bait fish harvest considerations that the states are finally going to look at. Finally, Bruce Polley of CCA will be in to talk Springers and announce the upcoming angler meeting at the Rivershore Hotel, Sunday, March 30 at 4p.

Seg 1- Bruce Polley of CCA joins Lance

Seg 2- Bill Monroe on the recent Springer fishing

Seg 3- Bill Monroe and Lance on bait fish effecting Salmon size

Seg 4- Fishing Pre-Report for the week ahead

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