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Sportsman Show Edition — February 8, 2014

g loomis crew at the show

Yes, it’s that time of year when folks from around the NW descend on Portland for the annual Pacific Northwest Sportsman Show. The event at the expo center is a big deal for those of us that love to fish and hunt so we’ll be out covering the festivities on this week’s show. We’ll start by talking to Bill Olaughlin whose family is in it’s 39th year of organizing this event.

Also, Jerry Munson will drop by to talk about the new Willie Nemesis that’s on display at the show. The Nemisis is the latest in open water performance and there are some things about the design that may surprise you.

The IMX roll out from G. Loomis has been a big hit at the show and we’ll take some special time with Miker Perusse of G. Loomis to talk about the 27 rod line up that everyone is stoked about.

All this and more on this week’s edition of the NW Outdoor Show.

Seg 1- Jerry Munson talks Willie Nemesis

Seg 2- Bill Olaughlin talks about this year’s show

Seg 3- Mike Perusse on the G. Loomis NRK roll out

Seg 4- Youngs Bay Closure and Big 2014 Fall Coho Projection

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