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#ShotShow 2015 Hanging in Vegas

The opening day masses at shot show 2015

This week I’m hanging out in Las Vegas at the Sands Convention Center taking a peek at everything new in the world of shooting. This is my first time at this event and while I new it was big, I guess I didn’t realize how big.

The event started with a media day at the range and although I’m not a big black gun guy, the black guns at this crazy shoot fest were beyond cool.

Upon getting off the bus I lined right up for the Kisser shoot as I knew this was going to be a crowded area once the masses got to the range. The ….. is a .45 caliber, suppressed, fully automatic, fist full of joy that was incredibly stable and yes, fun!

Next up was a bump stock that took a semi automatic weapon and allowed it to fire at automatic rates. I taped a radio segment about this product while I was there and even shot some video while I was at it. I’ll get it posted later on as it was really impressive.B

Outside of the shock and awe of the black guns there were of course, many hunting advancements. From the hunting world, just about everyone was there. Benelli, Browning, Remmington and even our local talent, Nosler and Leupold.

Nosler has created a new cartridge and rifle in the 7mm variety that is plain scary. The cartridge looks like a stick of dynamite with a 7mm bullet hanging out the front. This thing is ridiculously necked down, but certainly engineered within the realms of safety. I taped a conversation with their head of marketing that I will also be able to share a little later.

I’ll be here through the week checking out the latest and greatest in the gun world and look forward to sharing with you what I’ve discovered.

Remember: Guns Save Lives