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October 5, 2013- The Outdoor Aftermath

Columbia River Salmon caught with guide, lance fisher

That was a doozy of a storm and we’ll be talking about taking advantage of the aftermath.

The Lewis River is now open to native Chinook retention and we’ll head to Woodland, WA to talk with James Harper of Harper’s Tackle and Outdoors about the fishing and tactics that will make you successful. Gary Lewis will stop by to talk about the final few days of the Oregon Rifle Season and even supply us with some suggestions for those looking to put the kids on fish in the Central Oregon area.

Tillamook got absolutely hammered by this past and I’ll spend a segment with guide, Wayne Priddy mulling over the implications and strategies for the coming days. Plus, we’ll talk about the remaining Columbia River Salmon season and a lot more on this weeks addition of the NW Outdoor Show.

2013 1005 Seg 1 Lewis River Fishing Report with James Harper

2013 1005 Seg 2 Oregon Rifle Deer Report with Gary Lewis

2013 1005 Seg 3 Tillamook Bay and Rivers Fishing Report with Wayne Priddy

2013 1005 Seg 4 Columbia River fishing report with Lance

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