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October 19, 2013 Outdoor Nirvana!

gary lewis with a nice mule deer

It’s hard to keep an eye on just one thing this time of year, so we’re running all over the place on this weeks show. Bruce Beltrand of the South Coast Anglers Association will be by to fill us in on the latest with the Multi Species Plan that’s looking worse and worse deal for anglers every time we look at it. Also, Terry Mulkey from Tillamook County and what to expect with this weeks tides. Finally, Gary Lewis on his latest hunt and a few of the fishing opportunities available for those looking to fish Central Oregon.

2013 1019 Seg 1 Bruce Beltrand on the Multi-Species Plan

2013 1019 Seg 2 Tillamook Bay Fishing Report

2013 1019 Seg 3 Gary Lewis

2013 1019 Seg 4 Oregon and Washing Fishing Report for the week ahead

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