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NWOS- May 31, 2014


Trout season is taking on more of the focus as the nice weather arrives and school is on the verge of winding down for the year. John Ditgen will join us from Odell Lake. We’ll talk about Maks and Kokanee with a ¬†guy that knows what’s happening on this HWY 58 gem. We’ll also cover the trout stocking in the region and I’ll provide you with a few locations that will have fish that aren’t on the trout stocking maps for this week.

Ocean guys will want to pay attention as Rick Hurliman joins me to talk about what’s going down around Garibaldi. Halibut, bottom fish and Salmon are all on the menu when Rick joins us.

Seg 1- Rick Hurliman on Garibaldi halibut, bottom fish and Salmon

Seg 2- Trout Fishing report for the region

Seg 3- John Ditgen on Odell Lake Lakers and Koks

Seg 4- Outlook for the week ahead

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