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NWOS June 22, 2013

On this weeks show we’re all over the place. Food, kokanee fishing, shooting events and Alaska Salmon. What more does a guy need?!?

We get the show started with a description of the freekish Salmon fishing that I’m doing this week at Alaska King Salmon Adventures on the Nushagak River in Alaska. If you’ve been to the Nush, you know where I’m going with this conversation and if you’ve never been, the story of the Nushagak may have you on a quick flight to AK!

Gary Lewis drops by to talk about the event he puts on in Central Oregon called the Youth Safari Experience. This is a great event that helps educate youngsters and their family about firearms. Ignorance and fear is the Second Amendments greatest foes and Gary’s doing his best to bring firearms education to the public.

Jeremy Jahn helps us shift gears into summer kokanee fishing patterns and gets into detail on changing depths while you’re fishing for kokanee. Jeremy also has an article on the subject called Summer Tactics for Kokanee on that you’re going to want to check out.

Finally, Mr. BBQ, Bruce Bjorkman steps in with a killer espresso based rub for your Salmon. It sounds interesting and my question is, where does he come up with this stuff?


2013 0622 Seg 1- The Nushagak River, Alaska

2013 0622 Seg 2- Gary Lewis on the Youth Safari Experience

2013 0622 Seg 3- Jeremy Jahn on summer kokanee fishing

2013 0622 Seg 4- Bruce Bjorkman with a Espresso Salmon Rub