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NWOS Fishing Report April 26, 2014

A young boy with a beautiful Columbia River Spring Chinook

Of course no one is liking the deteriorating conditions on the Willamette, but don’t despair, we’ve got options for you on this weeks show.

Tom Burgess will step in to talk about this past weeks’ efforts and what we might look forward to after the turbidity on the Willy settles down. Also, Rick King comes by to talk about Kings for the Kids and let you know how you can get signed up for the area’s most important fishing tournament. Finally, Al Thomas of the Vancouver Columbian will be by to fill us in on the trout and Salmon fishing available to the folks of SW Washington.

Seg 1- Tom Burgess with a Willamette River fishing report

Seg 2- Kings for the Kids

Seg 3- Al Thomas SW Washington fishing report

Seg 4- Fishing opportunities for the week ahead

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