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NWOS February 15, 2014

A fall chinook limit on the Columbia River

We’ve got a little bit of everything on this weeks show. Gary Lewis will stop by to talk about the fishing possibilities in Central Oregon. He’s also got a new book out called the Bear Hunters Guide to the Universe, which has less to do with bear hunting than you’d think. Gary’s a funny guy and his latest book let’s you into the humorous mind of one of the West’s best writers.

Tom Nelson will join us and talk Winter Blackmouths and Carmen Macdonald will be by to talk about everything from the Youngs Bay closure to estuary Sturgeon and we’ll even get into the 2014 Fall Chinook Forecast. The forecast just came out the other day and if you’re interested in seeing the actual numbers check out my post on this years forecast for Columbia River Fall Chinook fishing.

Seg 1- Gary Lewis on Central Oregon Trout and his new book

Seg 2-Tom Nelson on Washington Winter Blackmouth

Seg 3-Carmen Macdonald talks Youngs Bay, Estuary Sturgeon and 2014 Fall Chinook

Seg 4- More on the 2014 Fall Chinook run with Lance

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