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NWOS August 9, 2014 Buoy 10 Salmon

A beautiful Winchester Bay Chinook Salmon

I know there’s a lot of fishing going on right now. Personally I’ve been hanging out down in Winchester Bay enjoying some incredible Salmon fishing, but that’s not where most of the attention is so we’ll focus this weeks show where we should- Buoy 10.

Bouy 10 Salmon fishing started out with a bang. We talked about this on last weeks show. The only question was, how long would it take for the run to really get going? In past years I’ve seen it really take off around the 12th, but this is only on really good Chinook years, so I haven’t been expecting much to happen after the initial flurry.

Yesterday however, the flood tide performed remarkably with a mixed bag of Chinook and Coho. Will this be the real start of the 2014 Buoy 10 season? I think we’ll know more today and tomorrow so stay tuned. Before I get onto the show, I will providing regular Buoy 10 updates on my Twitter feed. Feel free to check me out there for most of the blow by blow for this years season. You can find me there @lancefisherpdx.

On this weeks show we’ll recap this past week in the Astoria area to start and then get into some of the philosophy of moving with the tides. Many people like to sit idle in their favorite spots, but experience tells us that this isn’t necessarily the best way to score throughout the tide.

Terry Mulkey will join us as well to talk about how he’s been doing and how he’s set up for this years run. It may surprise you how one of the best is rigged as it definitely bucks the trend.

Seg 1- Lance with a Buoy 10 recap

Seg 2- Buoy 10 Salmon- Make Your Move

Seg 3- Lance Fisher and Terry Mulkey talk Buoy 10

Seg 4- The week ahead at Buoy 10