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NWOS August 2, 2014- Columbia River Buoy 10


It’s officially open and Buoy 10 2014 will be the focus of this weeks show. I’ve been covering and participating in this fishery for a very long time and can’t remember a year with this much hype surrounding it. With predictions for this year’s run, the hype is justified and now we simply need to play the game.

Tom Burgess who’s been through many B10 wars with me will be on to talk about everything from early fishing opportunities to his set ups this year. ¬†Also, the “Delta Diver” man, Gary Abrahamson will step in and tell us his predictions and share with us the nostalgic excitement the someone with 35 years at this fishery can share.

Finally, I’ll be sharing my goto setups this year and there are a few things that are definitely deviating from the trends.

Seg 1- Early season Buoy 10 predictions with Tom Burgess

Seg 2- Tom Burgess on the new B10 set ups

Seg 3- Gary Abrahamson talks Astoria/Ilwacco ocean and river fishing

Seg 4- Lance’s Buoy 10 set ups

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