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NW Outdoor Show- November 15, 2014


I’ll start by apologizing for my lengthy hiatus from posting show archives. My fishing schedule happened to be a bit crazy this year and archives were one of the casualties of my lack of time. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure out something for next year as I don’t suspect things to be too much different then.

On this weeks show, much of our attention will be spent discussing and investigating the plight of one of our great fishing systems here in the PNW. The Chehalis and Willapa Bay are very popular fisheries for both sport and commercial fishermen. It appears however, that the entire fishery is severely overfished and escapement to spawning areas as defined by the WDFW continues to fall short.

In recent years, several volunteer decided to take matters into their own hands and now act as a watchdog over the fishery and what they continue to encounter continues to baffle just about everyone except the folks benefiting from the status quo. My conversation with Dave Hamilton of comes in two parts and will act as further evidence that our system is simply broken.

Yes, we’ll get into some of the fishing opportunities as well and discuss how the latest weather shift is a turning point for the rest of our fall Salmon season.

Seg 1- Dave Hamilton on the State of the Chehalis Pt 1

Seg 2- The cold is here, fishing will change

Seg 3- Dave Hamilton State of the Chehalis Pt 2

Seg 4- The government first conservation approach

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