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NW Outdoor Show-December 6, 2014


Yes it’s the soft spot in our outdoor calendar. There’s still a little Salmon fishing to be done in SW Washington and if water conditions are right, down on the Oregon Coast. There’s also some waterfowl hunting happening and most of the guys I talk to there seem to be pretty happy with this years season. We’re not going to spend too much time on any of this however, as there’s other business at hand on this weeks show.

This is a great time in the fishing calendar to begin taking inventory for 2015. I’ve been spending the last week, cleaning up and getting ready for all my 2015 fishing destinations. You might say, “its a bit early isn’t it Lance?”, but a little work now saves me tons of time when the fishing seasons are in full swing.

We’ll also get into the latest, blood boiling government waste scandal and this time it’s the cute little Salmon license plates that folks are running around with. Millions of dollars have been spent on these dressed up plates with the idea that the money is going to habitat repair as it relates roads. Unfortunately, according to the Oregonian, it doesn’t appear any of it is getting spent on the things that we’re promised.

Carmen Macdonald will stop by to talk about accelerated license fee increases for Oregon fishermen and hunters. We’ll also get his take on the arrival of Trout Ulimited to the Wild Steelhead game. In the segment we ran out of time, but I wanted to make the rest of the conversation available to those that cared to listen. It’s available as pt 3 below.

Organizing your fishing tackle now, so you can play later

Your license plate dollars at work

Fishing and hunting license increases and Trout Unlimited pt 1

Carmen Macdonald and Trout Unlimited pt 2

Carmen Macdonald and Trout Unlimited pt 3

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