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November to Remember!


We’ve got water levels making the outdoors very interesting this week. The rivers have come up and gone out, but look to mostly shape up for this weekend’s outdoor festivities. We’ll be talking about those possibilities ¬†and also the possibilities in Puget Sound with the Area 9 Blackmouth fishery. Tom Nelson will stop by and fill us in on what’s up there. We’ll also talk about a very special project that is unfolding and one that everyone should be interested in. It’s the attack on fishing communities that’s happening systematically throughout the region. Of course we’ve covered individual stories over the years, but what we’re working on is far deeper and systemic than I ever realized. I’ll shed some light on the project and what you can look forward to from now until February when it’s completed.

Big rains mean big Salmon fishing opportunities

The Hatchery Project- A must listen!

Tom Nelson on the Area 9 Blackmouth fishery

The week ahead

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