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“Like” and “Share” give a way…

shimano give a waySo I’ll admit right now that after 10 years of radio to start anew on social media is a bit humbling.  When you do this, you actually start with 0.  No extra credit.  No life experience points.  Just ZERO.

So here we go.  Time to build Rome and fortunately we’ve got a pretty good foundation and a few supportive friends after all these years.  So to get us going Shimano has offered up a Shimano Convergence 10′-6″ #12-25 rod.  Many of you know the rod, but for those that don’t, this is one versatile rod.  Herring, plugs, diver and bait will all do well with the parabolic bend that this rod offers.  It’s a killer and the only thing that’s not too cool is that fact that it’s going to be in someone else’s rod holder besides mine.

Desperate times call for desperate measures though and ZERO just doesn’t work for a 10 year old show.   There’s also one particular individual at the station that I’d love to feed a back bounced choker bait to with a little SCOREBOARD.  And yes, I will spike the football- in private of course.

So “like” the Northwest Outdoor Show facebook page and “share” it for your chance to win the goods.  Thanks for all the support!