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July 27, 2013- South Coast Salmon, Columbia River Steelhead & Skagit Pinks

Happy Guy!  Steve Byers caught this steelhead with me this week on the lower Columbia.

It’s the last week of July and the frogs are starting to notice the heat!  Nick Petosa will shed some light on the ridiculous Pink Salmon fishing slated to happen on the Skagit next week.  Also, Joe Cook is talking South Coast Salmon fishing.  Winchester, Coos and even the town of Brookings will be discussed as he loads us up on the “what’s up” with some of the better fishing in the region.  Finally, Dave Johnson will be by to talk Columbia River Summer Steelhead fishing and what you can do to make your days on the Big C count.

2013 0727 Seg 1- Nick Petosa talks Skagit Pinks

2013 0727 Seg 2- Joe Cook on Souther Oregon Salmon

2013 0727 Seg 3- Dave Johnson on Columbia River Steelhead

2013 0727 Seg 4- ODFW changes and upcoming fishing


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