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I’m thinking Spring is the Thing! April 5, 2014

Nice Columbia River Spring Chinook

It’s going to be busy on today’s show as there’s tons going on right now in the PNW. Washington has decided to roll over and pee on itself with the decision by managers to not stock 900,000 smolts that would be headed for Puget Sound tributaries. I’m not going to be able to help not speaking up on this one. This is a big decision and further evidence that Olympia is all but taking a bath in petruli oil when it comes to fish management. ¬†Yes we’ll be getting to some Springers as well as G. Loomis Pro, Terry Mulkey joins me to talk Columbia and Willamette River Springers. This and lots more on this weeks edition of the NW Outdoor Show.

Seg 1- Dale Balard of CCA stops by

Seg 2- WDFW turtle job on PS Steelhead

Seg 3- Terry Mulkey on Columbia And Willamette Spring Chinook

Seg 4- The Week Ahead means Spring Chinook

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