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Hatchery and Wild- January 25, 2014


My collegue Rachel Jones and I have been slaving away getting Hatchery and Wild, the documentary ready for the big screen Thursday night. We’ll talk about the short film and what our hope is as people view this one of a kind composition of Sport, Commercial and Tribal interests. Also, the Sandy River took a big blow last week with a judges decision to decrease hatchery plants on Portland’s top river. Carmen Macdonald will be by to talk about the implications and the history that you might not be aware of. Finally, there is a little fishing to talk about and we’ll be covering the possibilities on this weeks show.

Make sure to join me and others that want positive change made to our fisheries by joining us at the Mission Theater, Thursday, January 30th. Doors open at 6p with the documentary being shown at 7p. The short film will be followed by a panel that will consist of Sport, Tribal and Commercial interests. Here’s a link for the facebook announcement for the event. Feel free to share it. 

Hatchery and Wild- The documentary

Sandy River Law Suit

Carmen Macdonald on the Sandy River

Fishing Opportunities

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