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December Skies- A cold one in the outdoors

winter steelhead

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Yes, the weather is the topic of discussion. Fishing, hunting and the like gets a wee bit difficult when your guides are frozen, you can’t feel your toes and your trigger finger is experiencing frost bite. Oh, well, we know it’s short lived and the show must go on.

This week we’re talking about the Spring Chinook forecast that was released for the Columbia River. There’s reason to be excited about the 2014 season as we’ve got a pretty good number of fish slated to return. Also, the McKenzie is the latest target by good fishing hating folks and Russell Bassett will be in to explain the how’s and why’s of the latest law suit to clog up the courts.

Columbia River Spring Chinook Forecast

Winter Steelhead Fishing Report

Russell Bassett on the McKenzie River Spring Chinook lawsuit

McKenzie River Lawsuit Continued

For those looking for the hard data on the 2014 Columbia River Spring Chinook run here’s my latest blog post.

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