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Christmas on the NW Outdoorshow

ty winter steelhead

We’ve got the Christmas edition of the NW Outdoor Show this week and I hope you all have a nice holiday week. We’ll be talking about some of the local fishing opportunities as it is time for the A run to arrive here in the PNW. Also, Mr. BBQ will stop by to get us some cooking advise for the Christmas time festivities.

Seg 1 Metanium XG

Seg 2 Mr. BBQ Pt. 1

Seg 3 BBQ Pt. 2

Seg 4 Local Fishing Report

This week I was able to hang out with the Mollala Chapter of NW Steelheaders. I brought an arm full of prototype rods and a few sweet reels. One of them was a Metanium XG and this might be one of the finest pieces of steelhead wacking equipment that I’ve ever laid my mits on. 6 oz. and with winch like components it may be the lightest most powereful little reel on the planet. Check out the Metanium XG here.

I was eluding to a documentary on the program that was highlighting a major issue going on in British Columbia. It’s the story of Wild and Farmed Salmon coupled with a dose of government corruption. I’d very much encourage you to check this story out.