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August 3, 2013- The greatest month begins

Winchester Bay

This weeks show has us traveling to the very best fishing opportunities the region has to offer.  Terry Seamster joins us from Winchester Bay where fishing has been absolutely incredible.  John Ditgen of Odell Lake Resort stops by to fill us in on the Mak, Kok and Bow fishing of one of the NW’s great lakes.  Also, August signifys the start of one of the great Salmon fisheries in the west with the Buoy 10 fishery in Astoria.  Terry will shed some light on the good start and what we can expect over the coming week.  Finally, a little steelhead fishing for those looking to chase the many summers making their way up the Columbia River.

2013 0803 Seg 1 Terry Seamster on Winchester Bay

2013 0803 Seg 2 John Ditgen on Odell Lake

2013 0803 Seg 3 Terry Mulkey talks Buoy 10

2013 0803 Seg 4 Lance talks summer steelhead


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