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August 17, 2013- Buoy 10 Mahem

mike and lance chinook 575

We’re broadcasting from ground zero this week in Astoria at the KAST studios.  It’s Buoy 10 time and fishing has continued it’s hot streak as we roll into peak fishing at the mouth of the Columbia River.  Wayne Priddy sits with me in the studio this week as we break down the action that’s occured over the last couple days and get into what’s ahead.  There’s lots of good information be handed out in this weeks show and hopefully you’ll be able to find time to tap into a few of the segments.

2013 0817 Seg 1 Wayne and Lance on this week’s B10 action

2013 0817 Seg 2 This weeks B10 and Longview tides

2013 0817 Seg 3 Spinners v. Bait- when, how, why

2013 0817 Seg 4 The week ahead


Looking to fish with Lance?  Connect with him at his guided fishing homepage.