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Saltwater Sportsman Show-March 8, 2014


Photo: I ran into a heard of elk this past week while driving through Hammond. All of 15 feet off the road and not very nervous.

With our steelhead rivers on the shelf and the Columbia going to 11′, it’s time to look at some alternatives for your weekend pleasure. The Saltwater Sportsman Show will be a great opportunity for fishermen of the PNW to wet their saltwater fishing pallets. The SSS will be open from 9a-6p on Saturday and 9a-4p on Sunday. On this weeks show we’ll be talking to some of the participants of the show. Ed Keene one of the show directors will be in to tell us all what we can expect. Mike┬áHyneman of Kone Zone will fill us in on his latest and greatest from one of the more innovative companies around. And finally, Del Stephens will be breaking down the seminar schedule for us and give us a sneak peak into some the tuna techniques he’ll be featuring.

Seg 1- Ed Keene of the Saltwater Sportsman Show

Seg 2- Mike Hyneman of Kone Zone

Seg 3- Del Stephens

Seg 4- The Week Ahead