The NW Outdoor Show with Lance Fisher- Fishing and Hunting Reports from Oregon, Washington and the Columbia River.

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The NW Outdoor Show with Lance Fisher features celebrity guests and regional authorities discussing fishing and hunting topics relevant to the Pacific Northwest. For over 10 years Lance has hosted guests like General Chuck Yeager, Governor Ted Kulongoski, Ted Nugent, Earl Campbell, Larry Csonka, Chipper Jones, Dennis Green and other professional baseball and football players. But make no mistake about it, this is a show about NW Fishing and Hunting.  Reports from around Oregon, Washington and the Columbia River permeate a show that is rich in content, personality and life that is the NW Outdoors.


NWOS February 7, 2015


We'll start this week's show up in the Olympic Peninsula with my friend, Bill Meyer. Bill is a long time OP guide and one of the best sticks in the area. He'll report on how things have been going and whether the folks in Forks are seeing improved fishing in 2015. Also, Al Thomas of…

NWOS February 7, 2015